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This calculator will help you determine the force of wind on your structure, and whether or not it will withstand the wind loads in your area. To determine the force of wind on your structure, start by calculating the square footage of the sideview of your structure. For example, if your structure is solid, like the side of a structure, multiply the width X height to get the square footage. If you have a structure like an arbor, calculate each board like this... An 8' 2x6 has the square footage when it's on it's edge is 1.5" X 96" = 144 sq in = 1 sq ft per board. The same board on it's side is 5.5" X 96" = 528 sq in = 3.67 sq ft per board.

Wind Force / Sideload Calculator

Total Square Footage:
total sq ft
Wind Speed in MPH:
UBC Exposure:
Exposure B *
Exposure C *
Exposure D *
Height Above Ground:
0 - 15 feet
20 feet
25 feet
30 feet
  • * Exposure B has terrain with buildings, forest or surface irregularities, covering at least 20 percent of the ground level area extending 1 mile (1.61 km) or more from the site.
  • * Exposure C has terrain that is flat and generally open, extending 1/2 mile (0.81 km) or more from the site in any full quadrant.
  • * Exposure D represents the most severe exposure in areas with basic wind speeds of 80 miles per hour (mph) (129 km/h) or greater and has terrain that is flat and unobstructed facing large bodies of water over 1 mile (1.61km) or more in width relative to any quadrant of the building site. Exposure D extends inland from the shoreline 1/4 mile (0.40km) or 10 times the building height, which ever is greater.