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Decking Choices

There are many options available for finishing your deck, and with careful research you can find the option that best suits your project. Do you want a deck that is more work to install but will last for years with minimal maintenance? Do you want a decking that is cost effective yet looks great?

Cost of Ownership

When choosing a material for your deck, ask yourself what you really want out of your deck. Are you planning on high foot traffic, or a quiet garden retreat? While we offer great options for either one, if you need help with the pros & cons we can help. Start by taking a look at your options on the next page.

Buy with confidence

You can be confident that buying your decking from Sound Cedar will give you the best quality product at great prices. We don't try to give the lowest price because that always goes with a sub-standard product. We want to give you the best total cost of ownership over the time you own it so don't be fooled by cheap, wide-grain, quick growth wood. You'll just be replacing it in a few years. The next pages will talk about the products we offer and show you the quality you need.