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Cedar Decking Sizes

We stock all common sizes of Western Red Cedar decking. Some sizes are seasonal and will be ordered in. Pre-staining services available, which ensures a complete coverage on all sides before installation.

Available Western Red Cedar Decking Sizes

Clear 5/4X4 (1" X 3.5")
5/4X6 (1" X 5.5")
2x4 (1.5" X 3.5")
2x6 (1.5" X 5.5")
Knotty 5/4X4 (1" X 3.5")
5/4X6 (1" X 5.5")
2x4 (1.5" X 3.5")
2x6 (1.5" X 5.5")

Coverage Calculator

To calculate how many linear feet of decking you'll need, use this table and multiply the factor times how many square footage you have in hundreds. For example, if you have 800 square feet of decking and want to use 5/4x4 Cedar, multiply 325 (from the table) by 8 (# of hundreds) to get 2,600 linear feet of decking.

Other Sizes

More sizes are available, including custom sizes and lengths. Call our project associates today to ask about different sizes or patterns.