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Deckorators Voyage Decking

Voyage decking is part of the patented Eovations technology line, which provides the industry’s best strength-to-weight ratio. Featuring a fiber-like structure similar to wood, Voyage has unmatched strength that is nearly 35% lighter than traditional composites and similar in weight to PVC. Voyage varied-plank decking is now available in three different widths to create that custom, wood floor look.

Vertical grain deck boards designed with textured embossing for best in class traction.

  • Voyage provides 34% or greater surface traction than other leading brands of composite decking
  • Virtually no thermal expansion or contraction and is warranted for installation in the ground or water.
  • Ideal near water as it features textured embossing for enhanced traction.
  • Won't splinter, sag, chalk or crack
  • Stain- and fade-resistant cap stock
  • Varied-plank decking is available in 3.5", 5.5" and 7.25" widths and in grooved and solid-edge profiles.
  • Available in 8" for fascia and stair risers (comes in all Voyage colors and in white).

  • FAQ

    Can Deckorators composite decking be cleaned with a power washer?
    Power washers can be used to clean Deckorators decking products; however, a fan-tip nozzle should be used and the power washer should be set on the lowest setting.

    What joist spans should I use for my deck when using Deckorators decking?
    In residential applications, Deckorators decking should be installed on joists spaced 16" on-center when the boards are running perpendicular to the support joists. Decking boards running on a diagonal pattern should be installed on joists spaced 12" on-center. Contact Deckorators Customer Service team at 800-556-8449 for commercial applications. For more details, refer to the installation instructions.

    What is the benefit of using Deckorators grooved decking instead of standard composite decking?
    Deckorators grooved decking comes with a premachined 5/32-inch groove along the sides of the board to accommodate the StowawayTM Hidden Fastener. This hidden fastener was designed to properly space the boards at 1/4" and allow for the expansion and contraction on the length and width that naturally occurs on composites. The screws provided with the hidden fasteners have black painted heads to greatly reduce the potential glare caused by the sun, keeping the fasteners truly hidden.

    Grooved Edge Profile

    Grooved Edge ProfileGrooved-edge decking gives a clean, fastener-free appearance to the surface of your Deckorators deck. StowawayTM hidden fasteners are a perfect way to discreetly secure deck boards to joists using the grooved edges.

    Solid Edge Profile

    Solid Edge ProfileThe solid-edge profile is ideal when board edges are visible, such as picture-frame boards or stair treads. Solid deck boards should be fastened through the top of the board using composite deck screws.

    2019 Golden Hammer Award

    2019 Golden Hammer AwardVoyage decking was awarded the 2019 Golden Hammer Award by HBSDealer for being an innovative and valuable home improvement product.

    Deckorators Voyage Decking Prices

    Deckorators Voyage Decking Prices

    Looking for prices on Deckorators Brand Composite decking materials? We can help!

    Installation Instructions

    Installation Instructions

    Each Deckorators® Voyage™ and Vault board has a unique appearance and should be arranged according to the end user’s preference. Prior to construction, check with your local regulatory agency's code requirements. For best results, follow all installation instructions, paying close attention to gapping, spacing and fastener requirements.