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Douglas Fir

Douglas-fir is a straight grained and resilient timber with high strength-to-weight ratio. Its light rosy color is set off by a remarkably straight grain pattern, making it a premium building product specified by architects, engineers and builders for a wide range of construction applications. Douglas-fir is also valued for its dimensional stability, strength and high specific gravity which provides excellent nail-holding capability.

Sound Cedar offers Douglas-fir lumber that is either green (unseasoned) or kiln-dried. We stock and custom order or mill Douglas Fir for any job capacity in lengths up to 40' long.

Doug Fir Timbers

Doug Fir Timbers

Coastal Douglas-fir is a large, coniferous, evergreen tree known as the best quality structural timbers by engineers and builders. Adapted to a moist, mild climate, it grows bigger and more rapidly than the inland variety. Common Douglas Fir grades range from Select Structural, offering structural quality with price in mind to #1 & Better when only the best will do.
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