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Mahogany for Decking

Mahogany decking is rapidly becoming a popular choice for outdoor decking. It is great for high traffic areas because it is extremely durable, has a rich and beautiful color either finished or unfinished and lasts for years in wet/damp climates.

Why Choose Mahogany?

Mahogany decking these days comes from plantation grown and sustainably forested trees. We only source from the best quality trees that have been forested from plantations having minimal effect on the environment. Unlike other Philippine Mahogany sources, this yields a completely clear and ecologically friendly material that is easy to work with and holds the rich beauty that Mahogany is known for.

Choose Mahogany decking for a longer lasting, rich and unique look. The price of clear Mahogany is similar to clear Cedar.

Mahogany Decking Installation

For best results, Mahogany decking should be sealed on all sides and ends prior to installation. Since Mahogany is a dense material, pre-drill the boards and fasten with a hidden stainless steel fastener. Stainless steel is a soft metal so pre-drilling makes things a lot easier.

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