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Douglas Fir Timbers

Coastal Douglas-fir is a large, coniferous, evergreen tree known as the best quality structural timbers by engineers and builders. Adapted to a moist, mild climate, it grows bigger and more rapidly than the inland variety. Common Douglas Fir grades range from Select Structural, offering structural quality with price in mind to #1 & Better when only the best will do.

About Coastal Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir Timbers have structural strength and natural beautyDouglas Fir (Doug Fir) trees tend to grow to be very large, and yield a large amount of usable lumber. It is an incredibly valuable commercial timber, widely used in construction and building purposes. The wood is very stiff and strong for its weight, and is also among the hardest and heaviest softwoods.

Douglas-fir is a straight grained and resilient timber with high strength-to-weight ratio. Its light rosy color is set off by a remarkably straight grain pattern, making it a premium building product specified by architects, engineers and builders for a wide range of construction applications. Douglas-fir is also valued for its dimensional stability, strength and high specific gravity which provides excellent nail-holding capability.

Coastal Douglas Fir VS Inland Varieties

Coastal Douglas Fir is widely sought after for strength and renewability.Coastal Douglas Fir grows in the mild and moist coastal environment as the name implies, which allows it to grow bigger and stronger. It is highly preferred over inland varieties like Western Larch Douglas Fir, so make sure to specify Coastal Douglas Fir. Sound Cedar has decided to specialize in Coastal Douglas Fir because of itís Natural Beauty and superior Strength properties.


Douglas-fir timbers are offered both green (unseasoned) and kiln-dried. Grades are Construction, Select Structural, #1 & Btr FOHC (Free of Heart Center) and Clear Vertical Grain (VG).

Lead Time

Lead times vary depending on the size of the order and custom size timbers. Fill out the form below to inquire about current lead times for your project.

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