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Cedar Fence Posts

Our Western Red Cedar Fence Posts are available in either Rough Sawn (RS) or S4S millings and come in either 8' or 10' lengths. We offer all standard post dimensions up to 12", or larger if custom sizes are needed.


Cedar Fence Posts are naturally resistant to decay and rot but the increased moisture level when established underground does decrease the lifespan. You can treat the ground contact portion of the cedar posts to increase their lifespan.

Dig post holes approximately 30" deep, and fill with approximately 6" of aggregate (rock) fill for drainage. This will leave you with 24" of post below ground, with a typical 8' post your 6' fence will match right to the top so consider adjusting the depth or buying 10' posts for design style if you prefer the post above the fence top.

Place the post in the hole and fill with cement (preferably) or with soil and pack to firm up the post. While installing, you may need to brace the post to prevent it from leaning before the cement has setup.