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Cedar Siding Health Benefits

This green building principle deals with the health of the indoor environment.

Wood is a natural material and wood construction has over a century of proven performance. It can serve a functional application (structural) and also often serves as a finish material because of its aesthetic appeal. For example, timber frame construction offers amazing architectural potential and wood flooring is renowned as a feature that wears well and minimizes the accumulation of dust and microbes. And the engineered wood products used for sheathing and for beams and joists are made with glues that donít contribute to allergies.

Green building rating systems are being applied more and more. Wood is a naturally occurring and renewable material that excels under the scrutiny of green building review. Canadian wood measures up to the requirements and comes out the winner in all aspects when compared to other materials. Wood reduces energy use, minimizes external and internal pollution and is the only material that comes from a sustainable resource. Wood is the natural choice for building environmentally safe and secure homes and buildings.