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Western Red Cedar is renowned for it's beauty, aroma and versatility. It is light-weight, environmentally friendly to build with and used extensively both indoors and outdoors. We offer quality Western Red Cedar in all standard and custom dimensions.

Cedar Siding

Choosing new siding for your home can be a challenging task, but taking into account maintenance, cost of ownership and beauty there is no comparison to natural Western Red Cedar.
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Cedar Decking

Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and rot. It is lightweight, strong and doesn't require any special tools to install. We offer high quality Western Red Cedar decking, read more about why you want Western Red Cedar over other cedar options. Not all Cedar is the same.
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Cedar Timbers

We are a Western Red Cedar Lumber Association retail member and as a member of the WRCLA we uphold the highest grading and quality standards they stand by.
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Cedar Fencing

Western Red Cedar makes a beautiful, economical and eco-friendly fencing option. It is the most common fence type today, chosen for the natural characteristics that Western Red Cedar has. Cedar is naturally resistant to rotting and insect damage.
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