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With Koa getting harder to find, Blackwood is becoming a suitable substitute. It does not typically contain the reds and gold’s of Koa wood but has a similar color when it is in it’s brown range. Blackwood has a very rich color with great variation from log to log.

Australian Blackwood

Blackwood is native to Australia but has been introduced to Africa, South America and Asia. The name of the Blackwood usually details where it was harvested. Common names are Australian Blackwood, Tasmanian Blackwood and Acacia Blackwood


Australian Blackwood - SandedColor can be highly variable, but tends to be medium golden or reddish brown, similar to Koa or Mahogany. There are usually contrasting bands of color in the growth rings, and it is not uncommon to see boards with ribbon-like streaks of color. Boards figured with wavy and/or curly grain are also not uncommon.

Grain & Texture

Grain is usually straight to slightly interlocked, and sometimes wavy. Uniform fine to medium texture.