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Cedar Decking

Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and rot. It is lightweight, strong and doesn't require any special tools to install. We offer high quality Western Red Cedar decking, read more about why you want Western Red Cedar over other cedar options. Not all Cedar is the same.

Naturally Resistant

5/4x4 Knotty Cedar DeckingOld Growth Western Red Cedar is naturally resistant to rot and decay because of natural tannins within the cell structure. It grows in the Pacific Northwest, known for a wet climate, and thrives with or without stain or protectant. You can let it weather naturally, or keep the beautiful rich and warm colors through many options of stain.

Dimensional Stability

Like all woods, Western Red Cedar is hygroscopic, which means it will absorb or discharge water to match it's environment. It excels though in that it has a low shrinkage factor compared to other soft woods. The low shrinkage factor means decking seams stay tighter, and resistance to twisting and checking.

Choose Western Red Cedar for your decking if you want an easy installation decking with an affordable purchase price.

Western Red Cedar VS other Cedars

Western Red Cedar has natural benefits that other species of Cedar are missing.Western Red Cedar grows naturally in abundance in the Pacific Northwest USA and Western Canada. It thrives in wet environments and grows with a tight grain that helps prevent twisting, splitting and cracking. Other Cedars, like Eastern Cedar do not have these qualities or durability.

Why choose Western Red Cedar Decking from Sound Cedar?

Cedar is in our name and in our history. We quality control our own shipments to make sure that you are receiving the quality decking that you need. Don't just settle for picking out decking from a pile that someone else has already picked through, settle for the best.

Our quality can't be beat but you may be surprised that our prices can't be beat either. In many cases our prices are less than big box stores or your local lumber yard.

Don't live nearby? No problem! We deliver and ship our products worldwide, including shipping to the Eastern US coast regularly. If you live out of WA state you don't pay any sales tax either...which offsets the shipping costs. The end result is that you get a quality decking at a great price, and you don't have to settle for what you have locally!

Choose the best. Choose Cedar Decking from Sound Cedar.

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